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Driving up US 14

Color along US 14

Navajo Lake

Navajo Lake 2

Lava Field

Lava Field 2

Duck Creek

Hatch, UT

Sevier River

Approaching Red Canyon

Red Canyon Visitor Center

Rest Room Sign at Red Canyon Visitor Center

Hoodoo's of Red Canyon

More Red Canyon

Tunnel Carved out of Red Canyon Sandstone

More Red Canyon 2

Closeup of Red Canyon

Paved Bicycle/Hiking Path from Red Canyon to the East Fork of Sevier...

Paved Hiking Path Sign

Paved Bicycle/Hiking Path

Hiking Path 2

Welcome to Bryce Canyon National Park

Bryce Canyon NP Visitor Center

Bryce Point Sign

View from Bryce Point

View from Bryce Point 2

A Bit of Wildlife

Paria View Sign

View from Paria View

View from Paria View 2

Inspiration Point Sign

Sunset Point Sign

View from Sunset Point

View from Sunset Point 2

Navajo Mountain

View from Sunset Point 3

Wildlife Crossing Sign

Sunrise Point Sign

Fairyland Canyon Sign

View from Fairyland Canyon

View from Fairyland Canyon 2

A Stellar Jay came calling

Canyon Warning Sign

Fire Hazard Warning Sign

Silverado Boys Ranch

Welcome to Panguitch

Panguitch Light Post Flag

Today we went to Bryce Canyon National Park. Leaving the campground, we headed into downtown Cedar City to take US 14, State Scenic Byway, East through parts of the Dixie National Forest to US 89,Utah Heritage Highway. Then North through Hatch to US 12, All American Road, to Bryce. The weather was warm and clear, but there was still a haze over a lot of the mountains from the wildfire that is still burning. On US 14, we passed Navajo Lake and Duck Creek. Navajo Lake has no outlet, but the lake level is adjusted through lava tubes that run under the lake. There is also a large field of stark and abrasive lava beds, some of which are less than 2000 years old. These beds were not formed from a central volcano, but welled up from cracks in the earth’s surface, resulting in lava tubes under the surface. Along US 14, we topped out at around 10,100 ft elevation. US 12 passes through Red Canyon before we turned off into Bryce National Park. Entering Bryce Canyon NP, we again used our Senior Pass to enter without paying. We decided to only go to the major viewpoints, as going to the southern end would have added over 40 miles and almost 2 hours driving time. The main viewpoints at Bryce Canyon are Bryce Point, Inspiration Point, Sunset Point, Sunrise Point and Fairyland Point. We also went to Paria View. As it turned out, there was little to see from the car and rather than get the wheelchair out at each point, Eddi and Marge went up to the rim and took pictures. At Insiration Point and Sunrise Point, there was a long walk to get to the rim, so they passed on going. We still got some good pictures though. Coming back to Cedar City, we took the other route back, going through Panguitch and Bear Valley Junction to I-15 and then back to Cedar City.

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