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There are lots, LOTS of dogs in S. America especially in Chile and Bolivia and they all seem to be 'well fed', not emeciated like in Asia, Africa, or MidEast. Also, people seem to treat them fairly decently, never seen them kicking or hitting them like we did frequently other places. This may be due to the large #s of indigenous people(Mexico and C. Am more maltreatment incl horses etc. where few indigenous remain), tho this is just speculation. I did see while on bus to Tupiza 2 large herds of goats and instead of the herder behind they were in front and the goats just following along in a group. I'm no expert but it would seem to me that if herd animals are well cared for and look to the herder for food/protection/care you'd more likely see this following behavior. I seem to recall in MidEast and Africa the herders were more often behind the goats and often the goats were more scattered. Don't know if this speaks well of S.Am indigenous people or ill of MidEast/Africans...just an observation which seemed unusual.

Another thing...the cheese here is from goats, (few cows seen) not enuf fat in llama milk to make cheese, but lots more llamas than goats.

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