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Katherine Gorge

Katherine Gorge (2)

Katherine Gorge (3)

Katherine Gorge (4)

Charlie the water buffalo

We began today by driving to Katherine Gorge. I opted to take a riverboat cruise of the gorge while most of the others decided to canoe it. I was glad I took the cruise because during the dry season the gorge is divided into several sections. As a result the people on the cruise would get off the boats and transfer to others as needed. For the people in canoes to get out of the first gorge they had to portage through shallows which resulted in most of them getting soaked. Some didn't even get out of the first gorge due to the difficulty. I had a chance to see the first two sections in their entirety.

Our next stop after the gorge was Edith Falls for another swim stop. And we then drove on to Adelaide River. Our stop here was for fuel and a chance to see Charlie the water buffalo who is famous because he was in the first Crocodile Dundee movie.

After the stop in Adelaide River we finally reached Darwin. At this point I felt like I was in the tropics because it was so hot and the sun had been down for a long time. I stayed at the Cavenaugh hostel which was really crappy but was only for 2 nights (one now and one when I get back from Kakadu). I went to the "Vic" pub for dinner that night for a free dinner. It was free because it had to be the worst food every served in public, it was hot so I didn't complain too much.

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