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Can you see the fish?

Or crab...or spare part I'm missing!

Yummy pies!!!

fantastic bays and beaches!

a little quokka (large rat-like creature)

ahhh! It's how the island got it's name.

how the island looked to the 1st inhabitants

how it looks today!

fancy a ride?

Look closely for the 75 year old ofsprey nest on the rock

kite surfing

Lighthouse on Rottnest


Geordie Bay

Dude, where's my boat?

Here little fella...

up close and personal

he's coming to get you!

Anchors away

Sunset as we return home

Text to follow...


For a day trip, we took the ferry out to beautiful Rottnest Island. Rottnest is Dutch for Rat's Nest - the wee quokka's were mistaken for rats by the Dutch explorers and hense, the island got its name.

Whatever they call it, this place is stunning with its white beaches and turquoise blue waters. We opted for a guided bus tour around the island which was good fun. There is even an airport on the island! Again, we saw some wildlife and wildly expensive boats! Nice for some!!! The pies were more our style.

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