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Now the best thing about Vientiane is that for a mere 20pence I joined a group of 50 strong, lycra-clad women and men (well you would if you saw how attractive the instructor was) to jump up and down to an aerobics class beside the river. Very similar routines to home, but my co-ordination has gone a little awol but great fun and, in fact, nearly the only thing to do in the tiny Lao capital when it rains!

So it rained lots while I was there - I read lots and wandered around until my legs hurt. Saw the huge structure resembling the Arc de Triomphe, which is Vientiane's Victory Gate built in 1962, but never complete due to the country's turbulent history. The Lao people even say "from a closer distance, it appears even less impressive, like a monster of concrete" - I quite liked it! Nowadays it is used as leisure ground and the 7th floor on the top of the building serves as a city viewing platform. Sitting on a bench quietly minding my own business I was asked to pose with a monk for a photo (at least the Lao monks will smile and talk to females) and ended up giving a student an English lesson for far too long it was dull!

Quite pleased to meet some Canadian friend at the airport to fly to Hanoi with - on the delayed flight...

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