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It rained really hard last night and was still raining this morning, it was really nice to lay there and listen to the rain on the roof. Love that, makes for some good sleeping weather. We really had good intentions of going to the Museum of the North today but that just didn't work out. We're right in the middle of me changing insurance for prescriptions and other changes in health insurance. Karen's prescription plan shouldn't have any changes but being in Alaska required additional work and phone calls to find out why her plan seemed to have changed. Then my brokerage is in the process of switching from American Express to Visa, all from long distance and contact only through the internet and on the phone sounds easy but in reality not so easy. Plus our Dyson vacuum has started to act like it is on strike. It is one of the few things I've ever bought an extended warranty on and it payed off this time, with only 2 months left in warranty they are refunding my money without any arguing. Amazing. Thanks you Overstock.com. The rest of the day was spent paying bills.

One fantastic thing that did happen today was Karen making us some chicken and dumplings! She said she was making them yesterday for my birthday but we ran out of time so today was the day and the wait was worth it. Thanks, Karen. XO

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