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Incense insane

Un-kept tomb of kings

The lake come tomb

Before the king turned it into a tomb, they enjoyed theatre here.

With the weather turning into a nice shade of grey, we hired our 1 dollar bikes and set off for the surrounding country.

We had a plan of visiting all the tombs along a certain route, including that of Minh Mang and Khai Dinh. We got a little lost on our way, but we did see the old Elephant vs Tiger arena. Afterwards we found Minh Mangs tomb and were awed by how identical it was to most temples and pagodas, but this time it had a lake and a dead King.

Along the way we lost the key to our padlock, so we weren't so keen on parking somewhere and letting the old lady "look after" our bikes, that and the entrance fee was the same as the imperial city (for all tombs) but about 1/10 the size and majesty. So, with excuses made, we set off to just enjoy the ride. A few hours later, we had gotten more lost, sore bums, soaked with 20 mins rain and thoroughly satisfied.

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