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Law library in old courthouse


Framed samples of barbed wire


Authentic Tombstone


Beautiful bird on biker guy...really rides around town with him

Rattlesnake craft trailer

Inside of craft trailer

Helmet collection

A very extensive lantern collection


Looks like a torture contraption...we think it is for a farming mule

Great rock colleciton

Real crystal ball

Cute bunnies running around

Someone tried to make a bird house out of a boot

Nancy peeking through the maze of stuff

Pewter colleciton


Lots of glass

Everything under the sun is collected here.

Don't know what this is

Lots of teeth

The oldest licsense plate I coud find

Another unusual rock

I love this glass pitcher

Bicycle in the sky

Real skeleton laying on a collapsed wood coffin

Bicycle made out of wood

Our last day in the Bisbee area we decided to check out Tombstone and a place called John & Sandy's Rattlesnake Crafts and Rocks. We went to Tombstone last year and had not visited the the court house museum. The museum docent was very helpful and informative besides being a really nice person. I enjoyed her as much as the museum. As far as museums go, it was not the best but, the thing I liked most about it was everything in it was authentic. Not only from the era but, everything in the museum was from right there in the Tombstone area from the towns hay day.

The Rattlesnake Crafts is only about 15 miles from Tombstone. But, what a 15 miles. We traveled in the worst washboard road I've seen in a while. It was very rough and dusty. I am really glad we went, but you might have trouble talking me into going again.

This place was started about 20 years ago. John & Sandy set up a trailer, starting catching rattlesnakes and made every thing you think of out of the skins. They also make Rattlesnake Jerkey in the summer months.

I was expecting the trailer with the rattlesnake goods for sale and maybe some rattlesnakes in tanks. What I was not expecting was an acre full of stuff. John & Sandy advertise their collection of primitive and western collectables. They have been collecting stuff from out in the desert for over 20 years. They have set up displaying the stuff out in the open in categories and like objects. John said that they can't find stuff in the desert anymore and now trade with the local ranchers. None of the over 5000 items are for sale. The only thing they sell are the rattlesnake crafts they have made. And this they do on the honor system. They have a box outside the trailer where you jot down what you bought and leave the money. This is something you really have to see at least once.

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