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Umbrellas and BBQing - normal right?

Jana, Trevor, Mary Jo, Caitlyn

Amazing carvings with chainsaws!

Zucchinis as penquins, unique!

Quilting actual works of art!

Loggers climbing the poles

Getting a little wet

Rest area - lovely carved bench

This rooster was the noisiest


Thursday August 26th we had our first day of actual rain – lots of rain! To top it off this was the day the Museum staff and spouses were invited to an end of season potluck BBQ at the Haig Brown House. Sandra runs the HBH bed and breakfast during the summer and she brought out the umbrellas and tents for us to stay dry. In spite of the rain it looked like everyone had a great time. We also said good bye to the Museum’s four summer students, Jana, Mary Jo, Trevor and Caitlyn. They did a great job all summer helping at reception, the shop and putting together some wonderful puppet shows for the children, among the many other duties they successfully completed. They will be missed!

On Saturday we headed south to Courtenay to their Country Fair. We saw the ad in the paper and it told us the fair was held at the exhibition grounds on Headquarters Road. However for those of us who do not live there – we had no idea where these grounds were and Headquarters Road goes a long way! The map they showed had a few roads drawn but not one name beside the roads! We drive towards Courtenay and they signs are up but once again no address or arrows indicating a direction to drive. We did finally find the place. Now, we had a problem finding the parking lot. We entered the handicap parking lot and were told to turn left and then left again and we can’t miss the signs and people parking vehicles. We head off and miss the parking because there is a small road between the trees, no signs, no people indicating we pull in to park! We finally turn around again and eventually find the grassy field where we are to park.

We head in to the fairgrounds and pay our $8 each. Then we ask at the information booth where the pancake breakfast is being held – they did not know. We continue walking and ask people along the way - no one knows! After another half hour walking around, we finally stumble on the pancake breakfast. By this time we are both extremely hungry. We pay our $5.00 each to get (as Peter said) two undercooked pancakes and two sausages. This was not what we expected! Then, just before I finish eating my pancakes I find a two inch grey hair that looks like it came from the cook’s beard! I head over to let the cooks know – and they look at me and wonder why I am showing them! Needless to say I did not finish eating my breakfast.

We spent the next few minutes listening to a couple sing a few country ballads. Then we walk over to watch the chainsaw carvers and view the antique tractors. We walked to the midway and decided not to pay the extra $$ to get on rides that we had no interest in. The next building showcased numerous chickens, turkeys, ducks, etc – a little stinky in there! We enjoyed the building displaying zucchinis dressed like penguins, other vegetables, flowers and plants and various crafty projects. We found the quilts to be quite interesting – we expected the ordinary quilts and instead found works of art! We headed over to watch the logger show – the red and green teams competing sawing, climbing, running on logs! This was the most interesting part. We left home at 8:30 a.m. and were home again by 1 p.m.! As you can see we did not feel our $16 (entry fee) + 10 (breakfast) was worth the 3 hours we spent at the fair. Unfortunately we probably will not go back next year!

The next day we had Peter’s daughters and their spouses over for a Chili Dinner. The weather decided to cool off but we all braved the winds and tried hard to keep warm – at least it didn’t rain! The chili did help to warm us up……in more ways than one! LOL!

A busy week but actually quite enjoyable. Hope you enjoyed yours as well.

Till later, Peter & Connie

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