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The World Aids Day concert in Melbourne City Centre

A street performer in the Southbank, Melbourne CBD

Helen on the Southbank, in Melbourne

Yay! We found a Christmas Tree!!

Helen in Melbourne

The Southbank, with the Rialto Tower on the right.

Helen in Melbourne, on Lansdowne Road

The free city circle tram in Melbourne.

Um... we found this concrete cow sitting upside-down in a tree. ??

Helen outside the 'Aussie Rules' (AFL) Telstra Stadium in Melbourne.

The huge ' 7' out side Aussie TV station Channel 7. We...

Hello everyone! Hope you are all fine!

Greetings once again from the lovely sunny city of Melbourne, in Victoria State, Australia!

The temperature is topping 30C everyday and we are making the most of it! This morning we left Phillip Island at around 9am and headed up the coast in our hired car. As the two others that we were with had decided to stay on the island for another few days we had the car to ourselves! We cruised up the freeway towards Melbourne, taking in all the countryside, getting back for lunchtime. After we booked ourselves into our accommodation we went back into town to have a wonder around.

The place we are staying at is called The Stork Hotel. Although we asked for a twin room they only had a huge 'family room' with 3 beds, so we were put in there! It was huge, with a fridge, mirrors (luxury!) and drawers etc. As it was a corner room it had great views of the intersection and across to the market.

It is a nice hotel - even supplying soap and towels (wahay! that's rare! Normally we're backpacking round with wet towels!).

The price wasn't too bad either, at $58 a night.

In the evening we met up with "Aussie Pete"!!

To those of you who don't know Pete, Helen and Gareth met him in Penzance about 18 months ago, as he was a regular in the bar that they worked in. We got to know him as he was in Penzance for a year. He carries a UK and Aussie passport (the lucky bugger) and is currently in Melbourne. He's going back to Penzance for a month for Xmas and New Year!

His Dad is Cornish (Mousehole boy!) and his Mum is Australian.

We met with Pete close to where we were staying and he took us down to Williamstown, which is on the other side of the bay from Melbourne, so you could see the city as the sun set. As we eat curry, Pete talked to us about life as an Australian and what it's like to live in Melbourne. He told us about how Melbourne revolves around food and fashion (he's right - there are 1000's of restaurants and cafes selling food from every corner of the globe - want Mongolian? - over there!!).

We also talked about other stuff through the night and we had a great time!

Helen got a bit spun out when Pete started talking about things from back home, like "Oh that village is just like Heamoor" or "I really miss Jewelles Chippy at the bottom of Chywoone Hill!". We haven't really thought about things like Heamoor or Mousehole and it made us really miss home!

Pete also reccommended some great nights out in Melbourne and also invited us back for the F1 Grand Prix next year! We'd really love to come back here, so don't be suprised if we turn up again!

From Williamstown we all went over to Brunswick Street, which is the hip place in Melbourne to be seen (along with St Kilda!). Brunswick Street and the surrounding areas have 100's of bars and pubs. Pete says you could go to a different night / bar in the Melbourne area each night for ten years and they'd still be some you hadn't been to!

From there he dropped us home, then invited us to a BBQ at his house the following night!


A BBQ in Australia!!

Great stuff.

So see you there.

Love Helen and Gareth x x x

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