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Speed limit at the Vineyards

Site 89

Misty morning in Dallas

Guard geese

Ready to go in the oven


Storm coming

Dust storm


Rock formations

The evening of February 4 was an evening of cancer awareness. Three...

...and over 1000 luminaries were lit.

Palm Creek was pretty full and if you had pets there was...

Our day trip to Oatman and beyond - Colorado River





Now that's dry camping!



More free camping

Carrots for the burro

Each of the two babies had stickers on their heads saying "Do...




Robbers holding up the stagecoach (tour bus).

One of many quaint shops

Inside the Oatman Hotel



The robbers double as the musicians in the hotel!

Looking down the valley north of Oatman


Six percent downhill grade for 12 miles into Bullhead/Laughlin.



Colorado River at Needles.

Quite a current!

And that's a thousand and eleven miles to you!

We left Grapevine TX at 8:30 on January 31. We drove all the way to Van Horn TX (507 miles). We thought it was a storm of some sort ahead of us but it was actually wind-blown dust. So we hunkered down at a truck stop. We'll park with big boys tonight. There were about 100 of them there when we woke up at 6:30. We hustled to get our stuff together and hit the road before the sun came up. It was lightly snowing when we left but the road dried before we got too far. We arrived in Casa Grande, AZ about 5:00pm (another 504 miles). The sun was out but it was cold and windy. We had skirted the storm just to the south - you could see it to the north picking up strength.

We are booked into the Palm Creek RV Resort for a week. We've been to this park before and it's beautiful. 1888 sites amongst the palm trees. The town has built up a lot in three years as well. Maureen's throat is very sore now and Larry's cold is beginning. We had some supplies to get in on Wednesday but came back to the coach and watched TV and blew our noses all afternoon. Maureen went to the doctor for an antibiotic on Thursday morning - STREP! Larry's cold really burst forth on Thursday and when he woke up Friday morning his eyes were stuck together. Larry went to the doctor and got drops for his eyes as well as anti-biotics for his sinusitis. The week in Casa Grande passed in a haze of kleenex (about 4 boxes), cough medicine and cough candies. We did manage to get to the new In-N-Out Burger location! The day before we left we were able to sit outside for a few hours and met a few neighbours.

February 8th we drove to Lake Havasu RV Resort. This is a nice park too and we know a few couples in here from the Pacific Border RV Park in Surrey. We also had three free nights! On the 9th we made a trip to Oatman AZ in the Jeep. It turned out to be a loop - Oatman, Kingman, Bullhead/Laughlin, Needles and home. Oatman is a little old town on Route 66 complete with gunfights, old buildings, wild burros and lots of T-shirts. The Oatman Hotel was constructed in 1908. Clark Gable and Carol Lombard spent their honeymoon in the Oatman Hotel in 1939. It was another sunny, windy day! We visited three states - started in Arizona, then to Nevada and California, ending back in Arizona. Needles CA is kind of the centre point for the all three states. At the start we got gas in the Jeep at I-40 - gas was $3.05 a gallon. When we were in Needles, it was $3.99 and when we stopped at our original place to top up, it was $3.09. Quite a difference in gas prices between Arizona and California.

On the 10th we just relaxed and on the 11th we headed for Yuma AZ. Enough wind and cold!

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