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Airing down to 20 lbs before starting




Ranger Todd at the Ranger Station which is about 5 1/2 miles...


This looked worse in the truck than it did from this perspective

A unique camping trailer and the only other camper our first night...


We spent about 5 hours under that tree when the daytime temps...

Looking down at Lava Falls rapids thru our 300mm lense



An interesting viewpoint by Nancy



Kind of misty looking


Having a cool one in the shade very near the rim

Loved this sign in one of the pit toilets, that by the...

Nancy celebrating the spectacular beauty all around her

The view from our campsite




Two of many rafters going thru some rough water just below us


Nancy on a very big rock near our campsite


Part of a trail that takes you to the rim from the...


Tadpole Shrimp




Our campsite as viewed from a big rock that Nancy climbed

The shadow shows Nancy taking a picture

Kind of an artsy picture that Nancy took and converted to black...

We have been hearing about Tuweep backcountry campground off and on for a long time now. Recently several people whose opinion we respect about these kind of things strongly recommended that we do the 61 mile off road drive and spend some time at this remote campground which is located right on the North Rim of the Grand Canyon, so we did it.

All but the last 4 miles or so of this 61 mile drive is an excellent dirt road. We aired our tires down to about 20 lbs pressure and were able to drive between 40 and 50 mph for most of the way. The last 4 miles require a high clearance 4X4 vehicle and is very slow going and at times pretty rough, but believe me it's worth it.

There are 9 sites at the campground and at the present time they are first come first served. That will change some time in September when they will begin requiring a back country permit and reservations to camp there, but we got in under the wire and found that there was only one other camper when we arrived. From the campground it is another mile or so to the Overlook where we took many of the pictures included.

It was very hot there with daytime temps in the mid 90's, but the evenings, nights, and mornings were perfect with nice breezes much of the time. One of the things that comes with back country camping are the critters that live there, one of which was a pack rat that came to welcome us to his home. I still don't know how he got into the back of the truck, but somehow he did and reeked havoc on most of the food that wasn't in the cooler. We had also forgotten to bring propane for the stove. Fortunately Nancy always brings more than we need and we managed to do quite well in spite of ourselves and our little visitor.

The night skies were off the chart, due to no ambient light whatsover, and no clouds. We get great night skies at Cedar Breaks, but these were better than what we get here.

This is a very special place with unique views of the canyon and Colorado River as well as great views of Lava Falls which we're told is the most difficult and challenging rapids anywhere in the canyon, not to mention that we shared this great place with very few other people. We saw a bunch of rafters going thru these rapids and have included one of those pictures.

Without a doubt this trip was the highlight of our summer so far and we would recommend it to anyone who has a vehicle up to the challenge.

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