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Polar bear

Yes, today was my birthday, I'd like to quit having them so often but as they say, it sure beats the alternative. Karen always makes me a cake, gets me a mushy, sweet card and a gift or two. I got a call from Isabel and got to talk to her and Angela, yay. Thanks everyone for everything. Don't know if I needed a new camera but I got one, I hope it isn't smarter than I am. Ha.

Somehow Karen got separated from one of her credit cards, and after a lot of investigation and phone calls she thankfully located it at a gift shop in......DENALI! She had left it in the card reader and the clerk had kept it safe for her, thank you. So after all of my celebration we headed out the 135 miles to Denali.

We stopped by a little gift shop and I found this after a brief mushroom hunting expedition. No, I don't think I'll eat this one but I did find a nice fresh Chantrelle that is good to eat.

They also had this beautiful garden by the gift shop. That made me miss my garden at home.

I was looking through the window as we pulled up and saw this huge bear inside. I'm no taxidermist but this thing was beautifully done. Everything in this shop was top shelf too. I looked at a walking stick and it was $145. Nope. We made it back to Denali and returned to Fairbanks in time for me to get a haircut, it had been two months since Angie had cut my hair and it was beginning to bug me. All's well that ends well they say, Karen got her credit card back and we made it home safe and sound so mission accomplished today!

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