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4th nov 42c man it's hot!!! - okay can someone explain to me what type of town closes their supermarket on a Saturday at 5pm. I go shopping and I'm doing my usual browse around hit the dehli and they are closing thinking that's strange I get what I can and then keep shopping. Next thing I know they announce on a speaker they are closing. Paying for my shopping I wander back out to the car and it looks like a ghost town and btw nothing is open here on a Sunday either!

5th nov went for a drive to Lake Moondarra. It's a fairly big lake and a great place for canoeing boating or fishing. Looking over at Marc I'm thinking its about now he wishes he was towing the boat not the caravan. After we get back I sneak over to the local community markets which are held just across the road from the caravan park. Sarah who I meet yesterday has a stall here and stop to say hi. We then test out joshie moos new floaties and go for a swim in the pool. He's a bit unsure to start with but by the end of the swim he can hold himself up briefly by himself. Again we meet a friendly couple camped just opposite us. Later that afternoon I get talking with Sarah and she tells me about her kids yoga and creative classes. We talk about travelling and I help her to fix her little costumes which need a small mend to look good as new again. I tell her about the charity camp idea and I love her questioning as she asks me about something I haven't got around to thinking about yet. When I first tell her the idea she gets goose bumps not once but twice which she tells me is a good thing and we talk of how she could come and help run some of the kids events. Wow another great connection for the dream. That's how it starts and every time I share the idea another door opens. Later on Marc gets talking to Barry from Townsville and I take him down a coldie to keep the conversation going. We decide that night to go with John and have dinner across the road at the pub. John again is really taken by joshie and talks to him about the birdies and road safety on the way there. It's a great night and good company which I'm sure John. Is grateful for also being so far away from Linda.

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