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Some royal gates, under about 6 inches of water

Gilded ceilings, they loved red and gilded.

This man was fishing in the Queens residential garden.

Yesterday was pretty much the laziest day we will ever do on our trip. It rained so much that all the streets around us flooded until about 1 foot deep in water. So, our plans for a bike ride and a visit around the royal palace were stopped. Over last night, it stopped enough so that today was only residual flooding. This allowed us to go for the city trip.

The city (called Kinh thành Huế) is a 2km x 2km walled area surrounded by a moat. This is turn has within it a citadel called the Forbidden Purple City that housed the Nguyen Imperial family (when they werent abroad studying). It was here where we viewed all the cultural delights one can expect. There were fully intact structures, including all the decorative gilt and painting, there were those building which were too old to support them selves and several building which were no longer there due to bombings in 1968. With what remained, there was still enough to show the impressive changes through the different emperors and ages.

Tomorrow we hope the rain stays off enough for us to take our bike ride.

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