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Some fat chick in the pool!

Goodbye pool! :(

The first leg of our marathon journey to Laos. 10 hours on...

We had an early brecko by the pool again today and had a bit of a final swim in the pool before we got packed and checked out of our room.

We got picked up at 2pm right on time and we only just made it as we had spent the hour before then in the Hoi An post office up the road trying to phone my mum cos it was her birthday!

It was another sleeper bus but we knew we had to change to a normal bus at about midnight to take us into Laos (The sleeper carried on North up to Hanoi).

The sleeper was cool and we met an Americailian on there who told about places he had been to in Cambodia and Thailand etc.

At about midnight we stopped at a cafe thing in the middle of now where and me and Em basically got dropped off there and had to wait for another coach to pick us up.

Did the coach turn up? Did we make it to Laos? Do you care?

Tune in next time for the amazing adventures of "Fatty and Skinny do Asia!!"



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