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Cowes, on Phillip Island

The view from Phillip Island

The penguin centre on Phillip Island

Our 1500th photo! - The main beach on Phillip Island

Hi everyone!

What a great day!

Anyone who goes to Melbourne always goes to Phillip Island! It's a bit like the Isle of White, except for it has a bridge across. It even has a town called Cowes on it...!

The drive down to the island took about 2 and a half hours. We went with two other people we'd met, called Jamie and Jenny. It was great because we only paid for half a car! It was an automatic, so Gareth kept trying to go for the clutch for the first 20 mins or so. Problem is, in an automatic (due to the lack of clutch) the brake peddle is bigger! So every time Gareth went for the clutch the brakes would jam on! Nevermind... all was fine!

On Phillip Island we stayed at the YHA. It was fantastic - complete with pool. We were very lucky with the weather too, so we made the most of the pool!

YHAs are of a very high standard. So much so that we've decided that we'll stay there more often and also become members, thus bringing the price down. They're not as loud or 'bulk backpacker' as other hostels and to be honest that suits us just fine!

We're not impressed with the 'Base' chain of hostels, they just haven't quite got it right. They are very minimal and trendy with white washed walls - but that's the last thing a backpacker wants to see after being on the road all day. Cosy and warm colours is the way forward, the old converted hotels are best :-).

That evening we went to see the penguins come out of the sea at the 'Penguin Parade'.

Awwww! They are SO cute! There are hundreds of the little things running up the beach to their burrows! It was quite a sight. Sadly, no photos because the flash is said to hurt their eyes! Bless!

We also had to check under our cars before we left to make sure we didn't sqwish one of the little things!

When the come up the beach they all stick together... at first they waddle slowly, then after a bit they dawdle really quickly! There's always a little baby penguin at the back falling head first into the sand! "Wait for meee!"

That went on for about an hour! Then we headed back to the hostel and crashed out.

Cheers everyone!

Emails please! We're a little low on emails at the moment!!!

Lots of love Gareth and Helen x x x

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