Bob and Shirley's Great Adventure 2011-12 travel blog

Right down this boardwalk

500 feet from our front door

Looking back towards our dune access

Town Center walkable from our place all lit up


So happy to finally be here

Joyus Noel

Yes we even have a tree that is still called Christmas!

Not a whole lot accomplished today but we still made strides. It took me over two hours to order cable for the apartment. What a frustration but it is done. I then worked on the what there is to a yard. We do have a number of palm trees that were in dire need of trimming and lots of leaves from a magnolia. A couple of other small things and we took a stroll to the beach and stopped at Town Center for some shots of the Christmas gaiety. The day did start out a little rough for me however. I have come down with a sinus infection and low and behold there is a walk in clinic just a few hundred feet from our camper at Wally World. I have some meds and hopefully be able to kick this thing in a few days. Dad went to work with our son in law Scott today. I guess it was take your grandparents to work day! I bet he liked lunch the best. Psst....tomorrow is Shirley's birthday. Enjoy the pics.

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