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Well, we made it home today.

We woke to the sound of rain pitter pattering on the roof. By the time we had breakfast it was a good going storm. This is only the second time in 9 weeks that we have had to pack up in the rain. Unfortunately, today we also had to winterize the trailer, which involves extra work, much of it outside. We got it done and, rather wet, we were on the road by our targeted time of 10:00 am. We drove north round Calgary on the east Stony Trail. This is the first time we have used this leg of their ring road and it sure beats battling the traffic on the Deerfoot. Once we cleared Calgary, the rain became intermittent then stopped altogether. We went in for lunch at Red Deer and got to the storage yard in Edmonton by 3:00 pm. We transferred most of our stuff to the truck and came home, then unloaded the truck. We put away some of the things, but left quite a bit till tomorrow and also getting the rest of the clothes from the trailer.

Well, was it worth it? Yes! We both really enjoyed the scenery and different environment. I think the sea brings out the best in us, but having grown up within sound of the waves, I may be biased.

Travelling in the trailer has many benefits. No getting to an airport hours before takeoff. No security, just the two border checks, set your own schedule, eat your own food, surrounded by all your own things, and Christine's big plus - you know who slept in your bed last night!

The Triennial was a great time of reuniting with old friends and making some new ones. The speakers were inspiring and the "togetherness" was appreciated. The music could have been more to our taste, but that is a reflection of our age!

Glad to be home? Yes. It is always good to be home. Lingering longings - could we have spent longer in places? Yes. Could we return to some of them? Yes. The absence of grandchildren who are away just now and we will not see them till next week adds to the nostalgia of places seen but not fully explored.

However, in less than a month we hope to be on the road - or airways - again, when we plan to fly to Scotland, France and Italy. If you are not too bored with our experiences, you can follow us as we go.

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