Bob and Shirley's Great Adventure 2011-12 travel blog

ReStore: Restyles & Gift Shop

Trevor, Izzy & New Friends @ Habitat Restore, Clarkesville, GA

Habitat Restore, Clarkesville, GA

Lunch in Clarkesville, GA

Book Sale Section

Don, Bob & John Braves Baseball

From the Distaff Side: Jeanne & I drove to Clarkesville, GA to help out in the Habitat Restore: Restyles & Gift Shop. Due to the recent rainy weather in GA, the framing of Women's Build has been put on hold until next week. Jeanne & I sorted, cleaned, & priced donations in the am and then straightened up the book sale section of the Restore: Warehouse after lunch. We enjoyed lending a helping hand. Izzy & Trevor made new friends, too.

From the Male Side: We went to FREE baseball and the Bravos won with a walk off homer!!! My two best friends in the world were with me. Don (Orilio) and John (VanCamp) met for the first time after hearing about each other for years. A cold but great day at the ballpark. No swimming at Stone Mountain. Unseasonably cold. Going to the Gwinette Braves tomorrow (today) at 10:45 AM. Right AM. So got to go to bed now. Enjoy the pics.

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