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Welcome to Parkesdale Farm Market


What would you like to order?

Sold when?

Tom at the entrance to "The Garden of Eaten". This is where...

Could Tom possibly eat both, no one for each, but really we...

The World Famous Strawberry Shortcake

This is the Garden of Eatin

This is the fruits and vegetable stands

What a wonderful sign hanging in the Garden of Eatin

Debbie displaying a beautiful cactus for sale

Look at the many cactuses

Some more of the fruit market also located there

Some souvenirs for sale

Sign displayed in the Lad_ _ _ Room

Love it!

Every winter, people flock to Parkesdale Farm Market from across the United States and even as far away as Europe and Asia, just for a bowl of their World Famous Strawberry Shortcakes. They are served fresh from the fields, sweet sliced berries sit atop a bed of shortcake with a generous serving of whipped cream (which you will get to see in our photos).

They also sell a large selection of plants and fresh fruits and vegetables. If you are ever in the area and like strawberries this is a must. You can find them at:

3702 W Baker Street (HWY 93)

Plant City, FL 33563

Phone: (813) 752-0502

They only serve the Strawberry Shortcake's from January thru April each year. But they serve the world famous "Strawberry Milkshakes" year round.

Some interesting facts:

Did you know that strawberry's are a descendant of the rose family?

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