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Berry Farms in Lynden, WA

Mt. Baker from the the north near Sumas, WA

Sumas, WA is 30 miles east of Blaine and is an easier...

Bruce & Sue 1st, Stan & Carol next, us following through the...

Rugged snowy peaks and lush farmland in B.C.

Our little caravan heading for Hope, B.C.

The Fraser River and mountains that flank it along the highway

Lovely view of a waterfall from our campsite

Mountains straight up behind our campground (we have the bikes)

Our campsite - peaceful, sunny and shady - what more could we...

Fragrant Lilacs near our campsite

The third couple, Stan & Carol, arrived in Lynden last night and we went for a quick trip to see them. Susan & Bruce had made friends and spent time with them in South Dakota last year. Since they were also making the Alaska trip, we asked them to join us.

Today was the big day. Three big rigs crossed the border together into BC Canada this morning and plan on spending Memorial Day weekend here in Hope, BC. We expect to spend about 4 months together, along with our friends Bob & Jackie who are due to catch up with us in a few weeks.

After hours of discussing yesterday what we could and could NOT bring across the border, what might we try to hide, what could happen if we got caught; we had consumed most of our extra alcohol and produce. Crossing the border turned out to be very easy for all three of us, thank goodness, because we had heard you could be pulled aside and searched for up to 1 1/2 hours.

We had been led to believe (read on the internet) that we could put extra liquor in a container to be sealed at the border for "transporting" (from USA, WA to USA, Alaska) and then we could open it once we were in Alaska. Turns out you still have to pay a tariff on it anyway. We had gathered our special wine and put it with Bruce & Susan's in a box for the crossing, but they were told by the border agent that the tariff would be a few hundred dollars on that box of liquor. Then the border agent let them through anyway, saying "have fun". Whew!

We are in a Good Sam Park nestled in a very narrow valley with the Fraser River very close by. From our windows we look up at about a 45 degree angle to see waterfalls and tops of the mountains. We will be following along the Fraser River most of the way north. I read that 2/3 of the population of B.C. lives along the Fraser.

Road signs are interesting to read, trying to figure out the meters and speed. We already have the temperatures in degrees C figured out - double the number and add 30 to = F.

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