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McLovin the pool!!

Aaaaand loving some more pool!!

Emma gracious in victory as always! IT. WAS. LUCK!!! Grrrrrrrrrrrr

I asked the waiter for the "Check Mate" after this......he didn't understand.

We had bolied eggs and toast for brecko at the hotel this morning and then went for a little swimmypoos.

We got cleaned up and then went into town after this to have a look around in the day light.

Unfortunately it pretty much rained on and off for until the evening so we did what all like minded traveller would do........went straight to the pub!!!

We headed to the same bar as the previous night and played a bit of pool and even taught Em how to play chess.

I must be a brilliant teacher as she kicked my ass in the first (and subsequently last) game we played!!!

We spent most of the day in there and then headed back to the hotel in the evening.

I managed to book us on a bus tomorrow to take us into Laos (from our hotel) which was very handy as our Vietnam Visas run out in 2 days!!

It leaves at 2pm tomorrow and arrives at Vientiane at 4pm the following day.

Looking forward to those 26 hours man!

We pretty much flaked out tonight after our afternoon sesh so we got some room service and called it a night.

Photos to follow


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