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Hi everyone!

After Bendigo we made a dash for it down to Melbourne in the same day. Although it was another 150km we managed to get to the city before it was too dark. We had already decided to stay in St. Kilda that night, so we worked our way acoss the city to the suburb.

St. Kilda is a very funky area! Although it was a Thursday night the whole area was alive with restaurants and bars that spill out onto the streets. Melbourne is all about food and fashion - that's what makes it tick. If you can imagine that St Kilda is one of the hearts of that culture you start to appreciate what it would be like! There were thousands of people on the streets and there were cars everywhere. It's a very busy area. St Kilda used to be very run down but recently it's become a flash area to be seen in!

We stayed at a hostel called 'The Coffee Palace', which was heaving with people. Summer is now kicking in and we're finding that we're now having to book ahead by at least 24 - 48 hours. We've now booked all our nights through until 7th december! From there we're getting a flat!

Although we walked around St Kilda for an hour or so Gareth had (get this!) blisters from the driving, so we were asleep by 10pm.

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