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Snowing between Memphis and Jackson, MS

Larry driving in his blanket - he won't wear long pants!

The whole front of the RV was solid ice

A gift for Larry

Bridge at Vicksburg, MS

Railway bridge over the Mississippi

Icy trees


A few of many hundred utility vehicles we saw

Snow on the way to Dallas

No BBQ tonight!

American Airlines Centre where the Dallas Stars play

Tent Camping with a Satellite

View from the front of the motorhome at The Vineyards Campground at...

Sunset from the window where Maureen's computer is

Our rig

Founders' Plaza - a special place to watch all the planes

Lots of planes

Statues at the Plaza

Larry watching


Cargo plane

Our rig from the other side of the lake

The marina

Washing the motorhome






Full moon

The new Texas Stadium - still four miles in the distance!

Getting closer

This is where the Texas Rangers Baseball Team plays - right beside...





Temporary structures for parties or press


As mentioned Sunday the 9th we headed for Vicksburg, Mississippi from Memphis. About an hour and a half out we encountered snow and freezing rain for a few miles. We stopped at a truck stop and cleared the windshield and windshield wipers. The whole front of the coach was a sheet of ice. After that the weather calmed a bit, the sun almost came out and road dried out all the way to Vicksburg. We stayed at Ameristar Campground which is part of a casino. We took the free shuttle over to the casino (which is an old riverboat) for dinner and were back 45 minutes later by shuttle. We brought our slides in for the night in case there was freezing rain and unhooked the water. Very cozy! Overnight there was more freezing rain - the trees were pretty. The roads were fine. Monday we headed for Dallas about 400 miles. Again uneventful, cold and cloudy but no precipitation. There was about an inch of snow on the ground outside of Dallas.

We stopped at Blue Bonnet Ridge Campground east of Dallas for two nights. We didn't realize that we were quite so far away - Terrell is about 50 miles from Grapevine. On Tuesday, we had a list of three potential campgrounds to go to next. We drove in to check them out. The first one we stopped at was The Vineyards in Grapevine. This was the closest one to the Dallas Fort Worth Airport where we would be leaving from to go to Cancun Mexico. On Wednesday we packed up and drove to Grapevine.

Grapevine is a nice little community - surrounded as all seem to be by Freeways. It has a historic section and the campground is wonderful, right on the edge of quite a large lake. We will stay here until about January 31. Our Mexico trip is from January 21 to 29. The RV will be safe here.

We found a great place to watch the flights coming in and out of the Dallas Fort Worth airport - it's called Founders' Plaza and was built specifically for people to watch the air traffic. The feed from the tower and the pilots is piped over loud speakers so you can hear it all.

The day of the 18th Maureen decided to have a day out by herself. She got her haircut (first time since October) and went to an Indian Buffet for lunch. She got some good deals at the Dress Barn and walked up and down historic Main Street Grapevine. That night we went to Papa Murphy's Pizza to pick up a take n bake pizza. When we got back the gate was closed. We had to call the emergency number for them to let us in - apparently we were supposed to get pass cards when we checked in. Better to find out now than the night we come back from Mexico!

A few words about our GPS - she's a Garmin and her name is Berta. She has given us great service with a few misses. Sometimes her pronunciation is a bit funny. Once she told us to turn on an Expressway - except it was abbreviated and she decided to pronounce the abbreviation - Expw = X-pwee. Some of the roads in Texas are called FM. It means farm road. Sometimes Berta says "Federated States of Micronesia". Sometimes she takes us to places that no longer exist, despite being upgraded recently. We are greatly entertained by her sometimes!

On January 21 we left in the afternoon for Cancun to meet the boys! See the next entry.

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