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Working the rice padi

Banana stop

Lunch stop

Funny guys

Our first view of Mt. Kinabalu in the distance

Two more funny guys

Rice padi field

Another rice padi field

Yet another

And yet another

We left Tenom without knowing where we were going to spend the night (Kenningau or Tambunan). The first part of the ride was pretty with some rice padi fields, and mountain ranges off in the distance. It was a really tough ride, with many unforgiving hills. Luckily we stumbled upon a friendly banana stand, and got our potassium fix along with some laughs


We arrived in Kenningau at lunch time. It was Sunday, and the streets were full of cars, and restaurants full of people. While having our lunch of some bee hoon goreng, people selling everything from cigarettes to watches and belts came through, and went right into the restaurant. We felt the need to watch our bikes more closely, which is rare in Malaysia, but in retrospect they were probably fine. We decided to ride on towards Tambunan, as there were very few affordable places to stay in town.

More hills awaited us on the way to Tambunan. The ride wasn't particularly interesting in terms of views, but we did stop for lunch at a neat roadside restaurant. The owner, a father of 7, was singing karaoke-style songs, while we were having our meal. His youngest son, a funny character, was making funny faces at us the entire time, not without some encouragement from Myles. At one point he showed Myles his big toe, and didn't seem too surprised when Myles showed him his


Right before we hit Tambunan, we passed many beautiful rice padi fields along the way. The richness of the green really impressed us, and we stopped to take it all in

. The town itself, was very cute and compact. Many people out on the streets, as well as many dogs. We got the feeling from being there that the town sees very few tourists. We couldn't find a place to stay in town, and ended up paying way too much to stay in a resort-style hotel just out of Tambunan. We may have been the only people staying there at the time.

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