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Kings Canyon

Kings Canyon (2)

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Mt. Connor

Oz Adventure Tours Camp

Kata Tjuta (The Olgas)

Kata Tjuta (2)


Uluru (2)

Uluru (3)

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The trip to Uluru began at about 5:30 am. We drove a long way before stopping at a cattle station road house for breakfast. After the stop we drove on to Kings Canyon which was the focus of the first day of this trip. It was a long hike on a hot day (over 30 degrees C) but it was really scenic and unique. There were several older people on the hike and one guy could barely make it to the top of the canyon before he decided to turn around go back. Apparently some people register for trips and don't realize that hike ratings are very liberal but there for a reason. The walk started with heart attack hill (where we lost the out of shape guy), the lost city, the amphitheatre, and the garden of Eden. This walk was at a slow pace but with the driving from Alice Springs it ended up being most of the day. We had lunch once we got back to the car park and then drove to Yulara, the resort town around Uluru. On the way to Yulara we saw Mt. Connor during the sunset. Mt. Connor has a similar profile to Uluru but is larger. It isn't as important historically to the Aborigines but was a chance to see a sunset profile of a "big flat rock".

When we got to Yulara we entered the camp site where we had dinner and then sat around a camp fire. Almost everyone spent the night sleeping under the stars in swags (Australian bed rolls). It was comfortable and was my only chance to experience it on the trip.

The next day we left camp just before 6:00 am so that we could get to Uluru by sunrise. We arrived in good time and began the base walk. I have to say that this experience is more than just a big, red rock. It is unique beyond words and I doubt anyone who experiences Uluru is disappointed. Many people have asked if I climbed the rock but I did not. It is an option that many people choose to do but is not encouraged by the Aborigines due to the danger and the historical importance of the climb. Some feel that only people who have undergone the appropriate initiations should climb Uluru. The winds were also very high so the couple of people who had wanted to do the climb could not complete it although they did get part of the way up.

After we finished the walk and had a break we then drove on to Kata Tjuta aka the Olgas. This is another rock formation with similar importance to Uluru but due to the multiple domes it is still very unique. We did a short walk between two of the domes and then boarded the bus and went back to camp for lunch. After lunch we drove back to Alice Springs.

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