Ben and Kirsteen's World Trip 2005/6 travel blog

K at McMahons Point

The sunny Opera House

K on the Manly ferry

B on Manly Beach

The Harbour Bridge by twilight

B: The plane arrived in Sydney 5 minutes early, our bags came straight out and a taxi was waiting - all surprisingly efficient. We were staying with Charlotte, an old friend of mine from Uni who has been living in Sydney for the last 7 years. Our arrival was quicker than anticiated so we beat her to her house near McMahons Point by a couple of minutes. We dropped our bags off and headed straight out to the pub (it was Thursday night after all!). After a few loud drinks we had a lovely pizza on Blues Point Road with Charlie and her boyfriend Arnaud. (He's French and that's relevant. See later.)

The next day was spent doing very little. Charlie had left us her car keys so we went out for a drive. We went a couple of roads away and realised that we didn't have a map so we decided it was best to go back home again rather than spend the day driving around lost. That evening we met up with a few people for a curry and a few drinks. It was an interesting evening with talk of wine and nuclear physics (the latter becomes more lucid after the former).

On the Saturday we were up late and headed out into Circular Quay on the ferry. After a brief walk around by the Opera House, we caught the ferry over to Manly, a peaceful beachside suburb on the north side of the harbour entrance. Manly is one of my favourite places in Sydney from previous visits. To sit in the cafes listening to the waves break feels miles away from the bustle of the city yet it is only 15 minutes by ferry.

That evening was the Football World Cup quarter finals featuring England and France. K was full of the cold and didn't fancy it (good thing too as, being Scottish, she would have cheered for Portugal - only kidding). I went out to meet up with a group of people to watch the England game in the pub then the French game back at their flat. The last game finished at about 7am and with hindsight it probably wasn't the most sensible thing to do if you had a 9 hour flight to Thailand the next day.

K: I was feeling poorly and ended up getting the most minging cough bottle - grenadine flavour?! I can't believe its a popular choice. I was just delighted to be in someones actual home and not a hostel. Charlie and Arnaud made us very welocme and Ben and I even managed to go for a drink in the city with them after work. It was a strange feeling being out with proper working adults again and, even better, on Thursday night lots of bars give ladies free champagne - so I struggled through my cold for a bit.

I also finally got to see the opera house in the sun as the last time we where there, I took Ben to see the Best of British concert, the rain was torrential - so it made a pleasant change. I had pathetically enough knackered myself just wandering around and so there was no way I was heading out to watch the football but I had a lovely evening to myself, curled up on the couch and working my way through Charlie's Sex in the City DVDs - heaven.

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