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New friends Joe & Carolyn...

Joe, Larry & John, one side is ready...

Boat's done, where's the seats?

All done, ready to explore a nearby lake!

Showing off his new Little Giant ladder...

It is a pretty cool ladder, I must admit!

So nice to meet new friends Joe & Carolyn...Thanks for stopping by...

I've been having trouble with my photo resizing program so today's post will be out of 'order' because for some reason the program decided to work properly. What??? Did that make sense to you? Me either, lol. Anyway, I took a small number of photos today & when I tried one last time to resize them, my program worked. So, here they are!

We've been corresponding with a couple through this trip journal for the past couple of months. It turns out Joe & Carolyn have been following us for the past six years & recently purchased a Paddleski due to our boating pics. Joe said "Larry just looked like he was having too much fun"! He noticed that we were going to be setting it up soon & wondered if they could come by to observe the process. Of course we were more than happy for them to stop by. What a nice couple! We really enjoyed our time together & it was amazing how much the guys have in common. Plus we have several mutual friends. One of the perks of living in the 'rv'ing' world, you meet the nicest people. We spent over 3 hours together & parted with hugs & the 'hope we see you on down the road again' feelings.

Later in the day Joyce & I did a bit of shopping. Then she prepared a nice taco salad for dinner. I bought some new tortilla chips to go with it, Mission Summer Lime with Cilantro. Have you tried them yet? Quite tasty!

Tomorrow we're taking the Needles Highway Scenic drive in the morning & then tomorrow evening we're going to the Crazy Horse Memorial for the first night blast of the year. It celebrates the birthday of Mrs. Korczak (Ruth) Ziolkowski, wife of the late Crazy Horse sculptor. Since her husband’s death in 1982, she has directed all operations at the nonprofit Memorial.

The June 26 blast will also commemorate the anniversary of the Battle of the Little Big Horn in 1876. The battle was June 25, 1876. Crazy Horse was a main strategist in the defeat of Lt. Col. George Armstrong Custer and his troops. I hope to get some good pics and a bit of video.

In the meantime I'll try to catch up on our past few days of adventures. We've visited the Mammoth Site, the Iron Mountain Road Scenic loop and Mt Rushmore. Whew, we've had a full schedule playing tour guides for our friends. But we're having fun! And I've got some pretty cool pics to share with you, so please stop by again later. Night....

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