Bob and Shirley's Great Adventure 2011-12 travel blog

Dad's GIANT card

Signed by all the neighbors

To the Mayor

Nice crowd

Happy to be there

Lots of chatting

They gave him a fishing vest

I hope he gets lots of use out of it with me

After continuing to work getting Dad's life possessions packed up for Florida and finalizing address changes the neighbors threw him a going away party. Dad has forever embraced the changing demographics of his neighborhood. He boasts that there are 9 different nationalities on their block who are first generation Americans. This part of LI is very expensive and the per capita income is quite high as it must be when property taxes measure 5 digits. For years Dad has set up and monitored watering systems, cut tree limbs, talked to kids and their parents as he "patrolled" Gerald Ave. He became known as the Mayor as his humor tickled many while he looked after those who came home late or stayed home from work on a work day. Stories were swapped, laughter and tears were shared. No one wants to let go but let go he must. Herta will be living at a beautiful assisted living home not far from her grand daughter Margo's home beginning Friday. Still to be determined is when we are heading south with our two vehicle caravan. We are just waiting on Dad's word, it will be any time. Enjoy the pics.

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