Our trip around oz 2012 travel blog

Decided to head for Cloncurry today. Again not much on the road for joshie to see. We pass back through Normanton and this time joshie gets out for a look at the big croc He's a statue of the real life croc caught in the Norman river back in 1957 I think and is 8m long!!!! Yes no typo he's huge and would eat not only you if he meet you in the wild but probably the car as well!!!! Next stop is the Burke and Willis Roadhouse. As we pull in we notice a road closed sign and wonder what's going on. As we stop for a bite to eat we find out that there were electrical storms last night and the scrub caught fire. The fire also took out the power poles and they are down across the road. The road has been closed since 8 am and they believe maybe only another hour until its open of course depends on the fire. The weather is now 42 and the air con is pumping its hardest in the roadhouse just to try and get any firm of cold air out. It's 2pm before we are back on the road and we drive through with smoke smoulding trees and sometimes small fires on one side of the road. Well be glad to reach Cloncurry. At Cloncurry we set up again head for the pool. Being inland the weather is so hot the sweat now drips off your back and only relief is the pool. Joshie moo loves this camp cos he can see road trains everywhere he looks including from the pool!! Cloncurry must be a major truck stop for the drivers and a good place to refuel and recharge.

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