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Great Walk, Beautiful Orchids

Asklepieion Archaelogical site - Closed

At Asklepieion Archaelogical site Made the Cats Happy

Asklepieion Archaelogical site

Asklepieion Archaelogical site

Back in Bodrum...Great Wall of Wisteria

Our Departure From Bodrum...


Wiki Info Bodrum

After determining that no buses go regularly S. end of the island (one at 12:45pm) due to being out-of--season, we took a city bus to the Asklepieion Archaelogical site.

Info Asklepieion Archaelogical site

Being Monday it was closed but we had a nice walk in the countryside from the bus stop. Finally had crepes in celebration of ending our Greek islands adventures! Said our goodbyes' to the friendly folks we stayed with, very nice but forgot to get their info (never did get any receipt which usually has all that info - but then there setup is in their home, probably not 'official lodgings').

At the ferry dock by 2:30pm. but as it turns out the travel agent misinformed us re: departure time - actually leaves/left at 4:30 and it's not a fast cat so it takes one hour.

In Bodrum Senlik Pansiyon (just before Sedan Pansiyon on LP map) is the one Mari & Bon stayed in before and where we eventually ended up...a bit cramped w/3 beds & bath (no brkfst). Went out to ATM then to Nazik Ana, a restaurant recommended by LP,

LP Info Nazik Ana

in a narrow alley off the main street. We were the only ones there and Mamet, the 35 year old, chef character, took charge of us. After proudly pointing out at least 5-6 meat dishes ready to cook, Bon said 'We don't eat meat, do you have anything w/o meat?' He was stopped in his tracks but I saw the rice and beans and Bon said, 'Like soup or salad?' and off he went again.... Before we knew it he had put together a banquet of rice, beans, salad with yogurt and eggplant dressing, and lentil soup. We stuffed ourselves good, it all tasted great and before we knew it, well, it was all eaten! That's when the fun began. First, Ibo our waiter, cleared the table and Mamet sat down to talk, and talk he did, mostly to Mari but playing to the 'crowd you might say. It was a great show...turns out he was married to a Swedish gal when 18 and lived there 6 years, then moved back to Turkey where they lived for another 3 years finally ending up with 3 children, 16 boy, 12 boy, and 9 girl who moved back to Sweden after divorce. He said he would be anything Mari wanted, he was a chamelion, just wanting to please her. It was a fun time, Mari naming each of the bigger towns/cities in Turkey and Mamet encapsulating each with a few succinct words to describe their character! Seems he'd been or worked in them all. Turns out this was his first day working at Nazik Ana as well, and he was a hit at least for us. Brilliant! Finally, they had to close - 9pm...had a memorable time and it flew by. Did the cheek kisses all round saying our goodbyes, a time you don't forget.

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