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The restaurants/bars along the river in Hoi An

I had the traditional Hoi An dish of 'White Rose'. I used...

'The Rainbow'. We're soooo over it man! (See what we did there!)

Yeah ROCK!!! It tasted like diesel that had been sivved through a...

Cocktail O'Clock!!

"There's a monkey on me drink, what ammmm I gunna doooo!?!?"

"I'm gonna drown that monkey, that's what I'm gonna do!!!!"

We arrived in Hoi An at about 7am.

The bus journey was ok but I think the beds are definitely designed for shorter people!

The bus drivers mate also put a hammock up in the aisle to sleep in which was fine, except for get slapped in the face every 6 seconds by his smelly feet as he swung hiself to sleep!

Could have been better but also could have been a whole lot worse so no complaints from us. Makes a change doesn't it!?!?

Our hotel (The Green Park Hotel) was very pleasant, and the staff were really really friendly and very cheeky as well!

The receptionist asked when my baby was due!

This was the first time I had met her, it wasn't even 7am yet and I was still getting heckled!!

The best thing about the hotel (other than the staff) was the pool though.

Just what the doctor (in charge of burns) ordered!

We spent most of today either catching up on a bit of sleep on a proper bed or hanging around the pool.

In the evening we walked up into the old town.

It was a really nice place with old colonial French sort of buildings and a long the river it was very picturesque.

We had something to eat in a restaurant on the river which was very nice (I had a Hoi An speciality which was 'White Rose' which was like a sea food dim sum kinda thing) and then we went to the "Then and Now" bar for a few cocktails for afters!!!

The cocktails were very pretty but pretty much just tasted the same - very strong!!

It was quite a popular place and we had a cool night in there.

We got back to the hotel at about 1am and crashed out soon afterwards.

Hoi An is a very relaxing and pretty place and the people around it seem ultra friendly and nice as well.

Shame we're only here for a couple of days really!!


Photos to follow

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