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We arrive back in the Australian state of Victoria

We love this sign!

Gareth tucks into a pasty in Bendigo!

Bendigo at Christmas - 32C!!


Helen in Bendigo

We made it to Bendigo!

We left Adelaide by 9am, which is a miracle! We drove and drove and drove.

The distance to Bendigo was about 680 km. By the time we got there Gareth's right foot had gone to sleep, so we took time out for a couple of hours in the town.

Now word has it that Bendigo has ties with Cornwall! The lonely planet didn;t mention it and the town didn't seem to have anything Cornish in it! However it had more than its fair share of flys and boy racers (in that order).

The biggest problem facing planet earth is not the green house effect or even Iraq etc...

It's boy bloody racers. Nice exhaust mate. Get a life!!

Anyway... eventually we found a "pie shop" that sold a Cornish Pasty! Naturally we bought one. They were "OK" but they need to get down to Warrens or Oggy Oggy (insert favourite pasty company here!) to get lessons. But hey! They are trying!

Check out the photos! It's a lovely town and we're really glad we went!

Cheers now!

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