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Beaufort train station - fruit to go

A train

Another train

Waiting for the train

Having fun while waiting for the train

Three sisters

Unloading rubber

The locomotive

Sitting amidst her produce

Sharing the cargo area with a lot of people

Enjoying the ride

Here at the same time each day, observing the trains from his...

Train station

Feet dangling off the train

Another train stop

Hanging out

On the car deck

Watching the train go by

Saying hi to the passing train

Arriving in Tenom

Wok at work

A scorpion Myles found

View of Tenom from a hillside


Local kids

All electrical cables outside are occupied by countless swiftets, seated at equally...

Rice field - rice will be ready in about 2 months

Rice husk fire

Scaring away birds

A photo by the same girl

Mom and her two children

River bank

Local river

A Murut warrior

First thing in the morning we headed for breakfast at Srongsak' and Napsinah' (a couple we met the night before) food stand. Napsinah made up a meal which consisted of nasi lemak, curried vegetables and a special Malaysian dish of dried curried beef (called serunding). It was really delicious, a great way to begin the day's journey. We decided to take a 2hour train ride from Beaufort to Tenom. It was an old diesel, narrow-gauge, rather tired-looking train with lots of character

. While waiting for the train, loads of people started showing up, until the entire train platform was occupied with people, produce and packages


We were able to roll our fully-loaded bikes into the cargo car, and stayed there for the length of the journey. By the time we loaded our bikes all the passanger cars were full, and the cargo car looked more interesting anyhow.

We shared the car with a river-guiding outfit and clients

, a Murut woman on the way home with a whole lot of we don't know what

, as well as many more locals. The train followed the river (Sungai Padas), and we passed many small villages, single homes and tiny train stations with no homes nearby. All doors and windows were open, and the rhythmic sound of the train running over the old tracks stayed with us the entire time. Many locals sat on the floor with their feet dangling off the train the entire ride (probably the best seats on the train)

. For the last bit of the journey, Myles sat on the flat deck car with two cars strapped to it - lots of fresh air, unobstructed view of the surroundings and the bouncing of the vehicles on deck made the ride all the more exciting


The town of Tenom is not unlike other rural towns in Borneo. Unique to the area are the Murut indigenous people of Sabah. We decided to ride to the Sabah agricultural park, but when we got there we found it empty, and un-exciting for the price they were asking. Instead we headed down a gravel road that would take us back to the main road. We passed many farmers' homes growing maize, rice and soya beans. The road was really small, beautiful and peaceful passing people working on their fields. At one point we stopped to watch a little girl pull a string to rattle some cans to scare birds off the rice fields

. We spend time talking to the family, mostly in Bahasa and hand gestures. The little girl took a photo of the two of us with our bikes

. It was one of the nicest side-trips on our

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