Dan In The South Pacific 2006 travel blog

Northern Territory Border Sign

Termite Mound (5 meters tall)

We left Boulia on time so we could catch another sunrise. At about mid morning we had a "nothing" walk. It sounds pretty dumb, but walking around where it is just flat red earth as far as you can see, no noise, no vegetation, just nothing, was pretty weird. We saw a 5 meter tall termite mound and stopped at Tobermory and Jervois stations. Tobermory station is about 1.5 million (1,500,000) acres which is pretty big. We arrived at Alice Springs at 7:00pm. Overall, this 3 day trek was worth it and I am glad I did it instead of flying from Cairns. The sights while not sounding too exciting on paper were there and the whole point of my entire vacation is to go where few have been and do what few have done. I have accomplished this with this leg of my trek.

We had dinner as a group at the bar in the Cavenaugh hostel and I proceeded to look stupid in front of hundreds without any alcohol in my system (short description is that I ended up on a stage with no pants on). Crazy entertainment but I stayed up late and had to catch a bus to Uluru at 5:30 am the next morning.

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