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Red Howler

Towing the boat

Donkeys on the runway

Vermillion flycatcher

In waiting lounge


the plane

Sky rainbow

End TB

Hindu statue

Our Boat

Frog visitor

Tarantula again

In the boat

Sunset on the Essequibo

Up at 6:45 and do final packing for the trip. Over to breakfast and another chilly reception – no reply to our good morning. After breakfast Maya showed us the “craft house” with the different types of weaves for hammocks.

Then down to the boat for a long run down river. A fast run with only one stop to look at a red howler monkey. When we got to the take out it was pretty clear that Manuel wasn’t sure where to go. We sailed into a flooded field, then he pulled the boat for a while, then walked off. We heard a car but it drove away from us. Anyway, he came back and we sailed/pulled about half a mile to the real takeout.

A very bumpy ride to Annai Airport. We were given juice and met the owner of the lounge – Colin – who told us about his history and Guyana. Then there was a huge downpour and our plane couldn’t land. We hung out in the bar and I shared a rum with Ann and we chatted a bit. Tried to smooth things over. The sun came out and after a snack lunch (chips shaped like French fries with catsup already on them). We hung around the departure hut for a long time and the plane finally got there about 1:30.

The flight to Georgetown took a bit over an hour. Then we met Alesia who stopped us to say she heard about the fight last night and would do what she could to keep us apart! Then we met our new guide Dave – nice guy who chatted with us for quite some time. We picked up three new passengers and headed off to the port on the Essequibo. No boat so we waited a while.

When a boat finally did show up it was too small, so Dave grabbed a boat that pulled in next to it! We loaded and off we went – quite bumpy to start out but it smoothed out after a bit. Night fell before we got to the lodge.

At Sloth Island Resort we were met by Rupert who gave us our room. No AC and cold water again. We dumped our bag and went o a nice buffet dinner. Robin came and sat with us a bit, then we got to see a three toed sloth who was in a tree next to us, and a full size tarantula in a tree just a bit down from the dining area.

Back at the room we unpacked and found a tree frog – which I captured and let go outside. Then showers and to bed.

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