Campbell's Maritime Province Trip June/July 2018 travel blog

Sea road to Minister's Island covered with water

Kathleen on submerged road

Kathleen with her flip flops - daily attair

Kathleen walking on submerged road

Bus crossing to island on road

Van Horne's Cottage

Another view of Van Horne Cottage

View of Bay of Fundy from island

VanHorne's Bath House on the Bay

Another view of Van Horne cottage

Algonquin Hotel

Steve at quarium with salmon

Close view of salmon

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Bay of Fundy Sea Road Walk

June 20 – Walk on the Fundy Bay Floor, Van Horn Mansion and Aquarium

Minister’s Island and the Van Horn Estate

At 9 AM, a bus picked us up and took us to the mainland end of the sea floor road to Minister’s Island where the Saint Andrews minister lived and where Sir William Van Horne’s 17 bedroom cottage is located.

We arrived about 30 minutes too soon as the road was still under water. The tide rises or falls 1-foot every 15 minutes. Most of the group walked/waded across as the water level dropped.

Van Horne was responsible for the completion of the the Trans Canadian Railroad in 1885. The project was finished in half of the projected time! He was also president of the Canadian Pacific Railway.

Van Horne had the stone for the house quarried from the red sandstone beach that was exposed at low tide. The pit became his swimming pool that was refreshed with fresh Fundy Bay water twice a day.

Algonquin Hotel

For lunch, we dined at the very large and luxurious Algonquin Hotel. The lunch was good though tardy.


Many Loyalists of Britain moved to what is now Calais, Maine thinking that they were now living in Canada.. But, when the treaty was signed, the border was actually marked by the St. Croix River and they had settled just south of the river, in what was then Massachusetts.

Most of the Loyalists moved across the river to St. Stephens some by floating their homes across the river and some by marking the boards, disassembling the houses, shipping the pieces across the river and then reassembling.

Saint Andrews Jail

We were given an informative tour of the 10-cell granite block jail. From the jail journal, most of the residents were there for drunkenness but there were two hangings recorded.

A noose was on display and a noose story was shared by the guide. It seems that the tightness of the knot was critical as was the friction between the knot and rope to ensure a quick end. The ‘correct’ number of turns of the knot was 13 and the correct number of steps to the gallows platform was also 13, thus the number 13 is deemed to be unlucky.

The cells were dark, small and dismal with a small, thin window.

Huntsman Marine Science Center

Our final stop for the day was at the local marine science center where, at a touch tank, bothered sea cucumbers, sea stars, spiny sea urchins and lobsters.

In a large, circular glass tank, we could watch 2-foot-long salmon swim and grab their dog food afternoon snack.

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