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Grizzley bear

Mountain Sheep photo by JRB

Sheep on cliff photo by JRB

Mountain Goat by JRB

Columbia Glacier

3 Goofy characters in Canada

RV at contential divide

Family photo at contential divide

Camp ground photo

Today, was an epic animal spotting day. We saw a grizzly and a black bear. A herd mountian sheep, mountain goats, elk on the drive and in the campground. The were too many deer to count. The camp host warned us not warned us to stay clear of calving elk for they might charge. She also said the calving elk will attract bears in the campground. For some reason Mom got mad at Dad we he suggested I sleep out side in the tent with bacon grease on my behind. Oh by the way the glaciers were pretty cool too. Eventhough Mom and Dad said they were a lot smaller then we we saw them in 2010.

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