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We stayed at Chena Hot Springs Resort for three nights. It is 56 miles from Fairbanks at the end of Chena Hot Springs Rd. We'd stayed there back in 2013. It is a great place to view the aurora as long as you don't mind sharing the experience with bus loads of very excitable Japanese tourists.

Chena Hot Springs is a privately owned, 440–acre, year-round resort. Gold miners discovered the springs in 1905 and by 1912 Chena Hot Springs was the premier place to soak for residents in the booming town of Fairbanks.

The springs are at the center of a 40-square-mile geothermal area and produce a steady stream of water that, at 165 degrees, must be cooled before you can even think about soaking in it. The facility has several indoor and outdoor tubs, Jacuzzis, an indoor family swimming pool and outdoor Rock Lake – a boulder-ringed artificial lake that provides a wonderful and relaxing vantage point for watching northern lights in winter.

We joined one of the complimentary geothermal renewable energy tours and learnt that the resort uses a geothermal energy plant to generate energy. The resort replaced the diesel generators used in the past with this powerplant since July 2006.

The resort makes use of the first low-temperature binary geothermal power plant built in Alaska,and is working on several alternative energy projects, including production and use of hydrogen and vegetable oil for fuel.The resort is conducting collaborative experiments in greenhouse production of vegetables with the University of Alaska Fairbanks Agricultural and Forestry Experiment Station.

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