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Carpes boondocking in Kerrville Wal*Mart parking lot

Driving into the sun

Grooved road made for a rough ride

Huge highway cut

Cut dwarfs vehicles

Texas rest stop art

Interesting geological formations livened up our drive

Sat, 13 Feb: Yet another day on the road...

We're beginning to get the hang of these back-to-back road days. The Fort Stockton Wal*Mart got very quiet once the store closed so our rest was relatively undisturbed. One of our "neighbors" ran his little Japanese generator all nite, but we were far enough away so it wasn't a major annoyance. Pretty inconsiderate tho.

We rolled our wheels about 0815 and continued east along I 10. We're heading east so we fight the morning sun each day. Carpe's sun visor system works fairly well, but inevitably the sun manages to find its way between the two visors and into the driver's eyes. This morning was no exception.

We had been led to believe that the quality of the interstate improved east of Fort Stockton. That is just not true, as long stretches of the road were very rough. In places the road had been "shaved" for repaving, but till that happens the grooves make for a rough and noisy ride.

There was virtually no traffic, even when we drove thru the towns of Junction, Ozona, and Sonora. As we entered the Texas "Hill Country" the road began to undulate as we climbed and descended. We were fascinated with the many cuts the road followed. A heck of a lot of dynamite must have been used to build this interstate.

Lunch was at a "Picnic Area" (parking with no restrooms or other facilities) about forty miles west of Kerrville. We arrived at the Kerrville Wal*Mart at half past one and found a perimeter area that allowed us to extend our starboard slide over the berm. We prefer this to parking mid-lot with traffic on both sides.

Tomorrow will be our final road day for a bit. We're booked to stay at the Columbus TX Thousand Trails Preserve for a week. Columbus is roughly half way from Casa Grande to Wachula so we'll plunk down here for R&R.

Today's run was 251 miles with a headwind-busted fuel economy of 7⅞ mpg.

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