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Wednesday was a work Day. I worked on the Church Newsletter and Christine did laundry. After lunch I went and filled up the truck and got it washed. Christine tidied up and stewed some apples so they would not be confiscated at the border. At night we played a game.

Yesterday we were up early and got everything stowed away and unhooked then set off. We drove down the Columbia valley through Cranbrook and stopped north of Yahk for lunch then set off for the border. There were only a few cars in front of us, so we did not think we would be long. That was a false assumption! The line did not move, then it did, then it didn't. We were two vehicles from the kiosk when they opened a line beside us and diverted cars into it. Unfortunately, we were just inside the concrete barrier and could not get over to it. We sat and the lady in front of us got quit upset as she saw all these cars that ad been behind us getting through and we sat waiting. We eventually got moved up and the officer apologized that she was having computer problems. We got through there, but another officer took us for the trailer to be checked and he went through the cupboards looking for eggs and rice that we had declared. He could not find them. We were able tgo quickly show him the eggs which he confiscated due to bird flu scares in BC. We eventually found the rice which was not where we usually keep it. It was OK as it was not from any of the restricted countries. All in all, it took fully an hour to clear the border - hate to think what it would be like if it was busy!

We filled up with diesel at Coeur D'Alene and reached the Spokane KOA about 3:30. Got a spot without a problem and set up. We went to a nearby strip mall and had a good dinner at a restaurant then went to a grocery store and loaded up with the fruit and meat (but no eggs!) that we had been unable to bring across the border. We came back and put away the purchases. I tried to get more of the newsletter done, b ut the Internet was extremely slow and sporadic. Christine read and knitted. I eventually got things done very late when, I assume, there were fewer people using it.

This morning we were not up too early, then after breakfast we went to a nearby Camping World. This is an RV store we have used in the past and been impressed with the variety of items they have in stock. We got most of the items we wanted and then went over to WalMart where we got the eggs. The problem last night was that they were only in dozens and Christine wanted six, which WalMart had. We came back to the trailer and had a late lunch then watched people arrive and set up in very heavy rain which came on suddenly. The forecast had called for thunder showers, and they were right. This is a holiday weekend and the campground is now very busy. I Received the last of the material for the newsletter and got it completed.

We had dinner and now I am getting the journal up to date and Christine is knitting. She will get the newsletter proof read later.

Tomorrow we expect to go into Spokane and have a look around.

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