2014 Alaska Trip travel blog

Couldn't help but get bugs on our picture window windshield

Iron sculpture in the middle of nowhere

Spectacular landscape in Montana

We left the Billings KOA at 7:30 headed for St Mary Montana. It's about a 1/2 hour south of the Canadian border and right at the east entrance to Glacier National Park.

The landscape throughout the whole trip so far has been outstanding. Today we spent a lot of our travels on US state 87 and 89. Just a 2 lane highway and at times there was nobody in front or behind for as far as you could see. It was kind of neat I suppose as long as you don't have a breakdown.

The trip from Browning to St Mary was pure hell. Post speed was 65 MPH, only able to travel 30 MPH due to switchbacks, steep climbs and descents, narrow road, cows in the middle of the road and on-coming traffic. Our brakes were more than a little warm.

Fueled up in St Mary... $4.17 a US gallon. That's up from the $3.57 a gallon we paid in Billings. Oh well, still cheaper than Canadian prices.

Going to keep the pictures somewhat limited for now. Only allowed 150 per trip.

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