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The jump

Up and breakfast. Ella wasn’t feeling well so she stayed at the house. I head out with the group for a bus ride and a 3.6 km walk to a waterfall past a reconstructed peasant’s house. Hot but not too bad. Waterfall actually a cascade. I jumped in at the base from two meters up – then from five meters into a deep pool at the base. Quite the leap! A small cave near the waterfall had a muddy beach and bats on the ceiling.

Back up to the jump and jump with Timika who would not do it alone (she couldn’t swim). Helped her back to shore where we dried off and hiked back. Had a lemonade then got the bus back to the house.

Ella wasn’t at the house – she was at a café but returned soon after we got back. We head off to lok at the town and I discover that my sandal is coming apart! We look around for glue with no luck but came across a cobbler who stitched my shoe up and didn’t want anything for it. I gave him a CU anyway.

Wash up a bit and find an internet café. Very slow speed connection but send email to the class and check – no problems at the school. But for an hour and 10 CU get almost nothing done. Then back to Jesus’ house for another nice dinner and find our laundry had been done and nicely folded. We chatted with David and Maggie (Irish) all evening on the upper veranda in hammocks. Off in the distance we could hear carnival bands playing most of the evening – then fireworks in the distance.

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