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Hotel pool

Alice, Veronica, and Alex the raft guide

Load of rafts

Getting ready

All set

Alex illustrating how to float down the river

The journey begins


More rapids

Deep water!

All the rafters!

Alice and Veronica in the pool

Up at 7:00 and walk to breakfast again. Alice and Veronica swim in the pool – nice view! Then off to the van.

White Water rafting on the Rio Toro. We drive up the mountains through some interesting areas then arrive at a construction site. We’re given a safety lecture and issues helmets, life vests, and paddles. Veronica was quite scared and was crying a bit before we started. The river itself was fairly calm when we arrived then picked up quite a bit as the dam up river released water. Quite the trip!

Most of the time we would paddle a bit but on occasion there was a spectacular rapid. The river had cut through the land and there were head sized boulders piled up loosely edging the river. Lots of splashing and we all got soaked. Alex, our guide, told Alice to take her foot out of the hold then he pushed he into the river. She was surprised and delighted!

We stopped for lunch on a stony beach – fruit mostly. Some of the guides were practicing on kayaks and pushed themselves off a cliff into the water. A couple of paddles floated by while we were there – some trainee guides had flipped their kayaks up stream and they eventually made their way to the beach. All in all a great trip!

Back in town we shopped around a bit for souvenirs in the on and off rain. In the evening there were fireworks to celebrate the 4th – some of the hotels put them on for the tourists. Interesting to see and hear the fireworks with the volcano and thunder to set it all off. Then a quiet dinner and to bed – exhausted!

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