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a future must see

city wall taken from inside

first on right; the Blackboy Inn

And the castle (taken from outside the walls)

One of the places visible from the train going to and coming from Penzance that I didn't get to. Next visit!

Because of Internet problems I decided Id get the experts at the station to do my route and tickets for the next stage of the trip. Later I recalled the patient helpful gentleman saying "I'm getting confused' he went over the trip again but didn't make changes. he also said something about that's further but its a cheaper fare. What he didn't say was 'because of that you'll ignore this ticket" nor did h3e say you get off on the way. Don't do the full trip. Nor the next step, "because you don't go all the way through, you'll go early here so you can go on an earlier train from this point.

it turned out to be fortuitous, but seemed a disaster given that most of my changes were about 15 minutes. The train didn't leave penzance. The electrical circuits weren't working and the doors wouldn't open! so half an hour later we went as far as Plymouth on a different companies train. From there back to the first company on a train going to Glasgow Scotland. It didn't go to Manchester which was my first leg. It did however go to Birmingham New Station which was my second stop. Now I was totally confused. (Geography not too good. I knew both were in the midlands, but positions in relation to each other I didn't know) But I then realised that if I got off there, I could go straight to the third leg and make up time!

Then enter the conductor. He looked at my tickets and was REALLY confused. Why were you going to Manchester? He found a map and showed me my route. Crazy. Get a map of England and check Penzance Cornwall; Plymouth; Manchester; Birmingham; Crewe; Chester; Bangor Wales (and from there local bus to Caernarvon. It was a 12 hour trip!

I could get off at Birmingham and head for Crewe but it was a ticket with a train TIME on it. He said I could also cut put chester (I assume because of time change) So in Birmingham headed for the ticket office, A thought i would have to buy another ticket because I wanted to change the time!! He didnt think it was fair so he consult B who consulted C. They overwrote the ticket time and gave me an envelope and instructions for what to do to see if I could get a refund for the extra legs (was it really cheaper, if you took the return leg into consideration)

Arrived in Caernarvon 3 hours earlier than on the original itinerary!

This makes the railways sound incompetent. I must report that I have found them exceedingly helpful and have seen lots supporting people in all sorts of ways. And the trains mostly run to time.

The Inn is inside the city walls. The castle is at the end of the road, making the west wall. The view from the other side is more spekky!

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