Anne & Tom's Turkey Adventure travel blog

View from out hotel of the Golden Horn (water)

Our first meeting with the group


A new bridge under construction

A fisherman along the way to the old city

At the Blue Mosque

The Blue Mosque



The dome

A boy who is celebrating a religious event in his life

The courtyard of the Blue Mosque

This is where Tom got lost



Hagia Sophia

It was once a church


Another magnificent dome

Crowds of people

Our group gets the explanation

Another mosaic


Looking down from the second floor

The eyes follow you as you move from side to side

One of our avid photographers (Pam)

A well preserved mosaic



A street vendor

The Basilica Cistern - the water is about a foot deep


Many pillars with foundation stones



Mile post zero

Off to the welcome dinner

There were many avid soccer fans

Anne & Sandra

Yasemin's niece

The main dish - sea bass

A toast to a great trip in the making.

Everybody in our group of 13 was on time for the beginning of a really big day of exploring two mosques, and an extra attraction, the Basilica Cistern. Our tour leader, Yasemin, outlined the day and we headed out to the van for a ride to the old part of Istanbul where the attractions are located. Both were very crowded since it was a weekend and there were a number of religious ceremonies with young boys at the Blue Mosque. In his attempt to photograph one of these boys, Tom got separated from the group but after a couple of cell phone calls, found his way back to the group. Hagia Sophia was one of the settings for the James Bond film, "From Russia With Love." Both were magnificent with huge domes and many mosaics. Just down the street, the eerie Basilica Cistern beaconed us and we descended into the watery depths. This was another set for the James Bond film. That night we experienced our delicious welcome dinner in a pedestrian street lined with restaurants and cheering soccer fans.

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