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Finding a taxi is easy. Look for bright pink!

Wall around the Grand Palace.

So many people inside!

The gold foil reflected the sunlight making it very hot!




The children who interviewed us.

Guards protecting the entrance.

Changing of the guard.

Area that the royal family occupied.


The King's bed.


Packed and ready to leave Bangkok.

Relaxing in the lobby of our hotel.

Seats convert to 2 bunk beds.


One of many small stations we passed.

Our overnight train.

After the tour we went on our own to see the Grand Palace. One could easily spend a day exploring it. While we were there some school children interviewed us and video taped it. They asked us questions about what country we were from, our nationality and what did we like the best about Thailand. It was a project to practise their English. Later on they returned and asked us to write the answers out for them.

After the Grand Palace, we walked past China town and the beautiful Wat Trimitir. At one point the side walk took us into a small but very crowded market with very narrow arrows. We came to a dead end and had to retrace our path. It turned out that this market was built over the canal with a suspended floor and tin roof.

The group met back at the hotel to retrieve our bags and walked 5 minutes to the train station. We boarded at 6 and settled in with bottles of beer on ice and dinner which we had brought with us. When night approached our seats made into an upper and lower bunch. The former was cramped and the latter was roomier. They had curtains for privacy. The train car ended up as a huge dormitory with a washroom at one end. Unfortunately the lights were never turned off and the ride was very rocky so at 3 am and still awake, Cherie crawled into Paul's darker and less rocky bunk and was able to get a few hours of sleep:)

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