Polar Bear Express 2012 travel blog

Greg, our Trolly Tour Guide

John Wayne - Grand Marshall 1976 Parade

Buffalo Bill

Notice The Little House Right Of The Corral in 1800's

Same House Today In The Center of Town

House Bought From Sears Roebuck in 1930's For $495

Mule Deer In Town

Buffalo Bill's Family

Buffalo Bill's Childhood House


Old Trail Town

A Piece of Granite From Tunnel Near Buffalo Bill Dam

Tunnel is 3200 Feet Long

Area Before The Dam

The Area Today

Downstream of the Dam

Annie Oakley

The Irma Hotel - Built For And Named After Buffalo Bill's Daughter

Large Winchester Rifle On Top Of Gun Shop

Old Trail Town

Looking Down Main Street

























Bullet Holes Above The Door Latch


The "Hole In The Wall" Gang

John "Jeremiah" Johnston - Mountain Man



Johnston Reburied Here in 1974

Robert Redford Was A Pallbearer

Jim White - Buffalo Hunter




Jack Stilwell - Frontiersman




Local Wildlife

Belle Drewry







John Colter





Jim Bridger - Mountain Man










Horse Halters Hanging From The Ceiling

























More Bullet Holes In The Door









Elk Horns

Main Street

Tired Out Wagons - Full Of History

Cody Trolley Tours

Like the pioneers of old, we had to travel across plains and mountains to get here to Cody, Wyoming. So we decided to relax, sit back and let Greg and Rose do the driving and present their colorful and entertaining history of Cody’s past, present, people and places. They traveled thousands of miles to personally research the old haunts of Buffalo Bill Cody, Annie Oakley and other western legends. We had a blast and will take home lifelong memories of our visit here.

Old Trail Town – History

Bob Edgar, a native of the Wyoming Big Horn Basin, had developed an interest in archaeology and history at a young age. After exploring much of the region and having spent seven years working as an archaeologist for the Buffalo Bill Historical Center in Cody, Bob realized that the old historical buildings and associated material were rapidly disappearing from the landscape.

In the spring of 1967, the work began to gather the historic buildings and relics to be displayed at a site on the west side of Cody. This was the area Buffalo Bill and his associates had chosen for the first town site of “Cody City” in 1895.

Many of the buildings were taken completely apart, moved to the new site and reassembled. The Old Trail Town collection now consists of 26 buildings which date from 1879 to 1901, one hundred horse drawn vehicles, an extensive collection of memorabilia from the Wyoming frontier and authentic Indian artifacts. Old Trail Town is the largest collection of its kind in Wyoming.

Visiting these old historic buildings, reading about Curley and the "Hole in the Wall" gang was really interesting. Seeing the final resting place of such famous people like Jeremiah Johnston was amazing.

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