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Three sisters




Scenic railway 52 degree straight down!

Day 7 brings first of the big adventures, we head from Windsor to the blue mountains, 8:50 18C.

Small stop on the way in Penrith to buy a box for the cruiser. The people in Penrith couldn't be more friendly and helpful.

Finally we head up towards the mountains. As we climb the temperature drops 1C at a time, Not far from the main attractions we take a scenic drive and I spot a lyra bird jst on the side of the road - truly special, its going to be a great day. We arrive at what we beleive to be the first of a lookout point, confused as to why we have to pay for parking and with Joshie's asleep I say to Marc, Ill get out and snap a few pickies, check out the view and then you can go.....returning 5mins later, windblown hair I tell him this is actually echo point where the three sisters are and the view is stunning!!!!

After a few pickies we head around to scenic world where Joshie has his first ride on a "flying car"- skycar that glides across the valley, following this we go in search of the scenic railway -where we imagine a slow riding choo choo train not the 52C shooting down a cable only to be told its the steepest railway car in the southern hemisphere.

(by the way I'm holding on for dear life whilst Joshie sits cuddled in dad's arms and loving it! (our little boy truly has no far)

We then take a short stroll in th forest area before a jounrney back up the mountain in the cable car.

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